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Don't waste a fortune on overseas calls. This free CallChecker provides a daily list of the cheapest way to call a landline or mobile in any country. Even better, most of the providers are accessible instantly without an account or changing phone line. (See the International Calls for a full explanation.)

The CallChecker scans the cheapest providers daily to provide up-to-date call costs. Once you've found the cheapest provider for your destination, dial the override provider's access number followed by the number you want to call, remembering the international code. The price is per minute as listed, plus any connection fee your landline provider charges to connect to the override provider.

Please remember the information listed here is automatically scraped from the providers. Before calling always double check on the provider's own website. takes no responsibility for any expense caused by this data.

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Tool updated daily, deals below last updated 19 Dec 2014
Cheapest with calls 10/mth equiv: Post Office

The basic Post Office package is usually 13/month and gives inclusive weekend landline calls. If you pay 120 upfront for the year, it's equivalent to 10/mth. (Full info)

Cheapest "stick with BT" 14.16/mth equiv: Line Rental Saver*

Provided you can afford to pay 169.90 for a year upfront, get its Line Rental Saver* which includes weekend calls, it's equivalent to 14.16/mth. (Full info)

Full details in the Cheap Home Phones guide.