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Simply enter the country you want to call, whether you're calling from a mobile or landline and if landline, which provider (eg, BT, TalkTalk), plus whether you're calling a mobile or landline to get a list of the cheapest providers.

You don't have to do this every single day. Most call providers announce call charges at the start of each call. If the price changes, come back and find the new cheapest, or periodically return to check another hasn't overtaken it.

Remember, these are no frills, budget providers and sometimes the quality or connection may be poor. Where providers have the same price, they're listed on rating, so try providers in order. If you have problems with quality or connection, simply move onto to the next cheapest.

10/mth line rental

13.50/mth broadband

Save without switching

Tool updated daily, deals below last updated 15 Jul 2014
Cheapest with calls 10/mth: The Post Office* (Full info)

The basic Post Office Home Phone* package is usually 13/month and gives inclusive weekend landline calls. If you pay 120 upfront for the year, it's equivalent to 10/mth.

Cheapest "stick with BT" 13.32/mth: Line Rental Saver* (Full info)

Provided you can afford to pay 159.84 for a year upfront, get its Line Rental Saver* which includes weekend calls.

Full details in the Cheap Home Phones guide.