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Warning. On 1 July Ofcom introduced regulations that changed the way consumers are charged to call 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers.
Please be aware this means some of the prices in the Callchecker won't be accurate for a short while until we've managed to update the data.

Find the cheapest call
Slash all phone costs

How to use it

Simply enter the country you want to call, whether you're calling from a mobile or landline and if landline, which provider (eg, BT, TalkTalk), plus whether you're calling a mobile or landline to get a list of the cheapest providers.

You don't have to do this every single day. Most call providers announce call charges at the start of each call. If the price changes, come back and find the new cheapest, or periodically return to check another hasn't overtaken it.

Remember, these are no frills, budget providers and sometimes the quality or connection may be poor. Where providers have the same price, they're listed on rating, so try providers in order. If you have problems with quality or connection, simply move onto to the next cheapest.

Save without switching

Pay a year upfront
It's often cheaper to pay a year upfront, eg, BT's Line Rental Saver is 169.90/yr upfront, which works out a 14.16/mth (usually 16.99/mth).

Put down and redial
'Unlimited' call packages are actually free only up to the first hour or so. So hang up before the deadline and redial.

Free web to web calls
You can talk to anyone worldwide for free web to web if you both have the same free software. See Free Web Calls.


Know your peak
Check when peak and off-peak is. BT and TalkTalk are 7am to 7pm not 6am to 6pm, an hour less of cheap early evening calls.

Free mobile calls via apps
If you've got a smartphone, use free apps that let you speak over the web free. Do it over WiFi to avoid huge mobile data charges.