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Cheap calls to China Mobiles via a TalkTalk line from 0p/min

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Tool updated daily, deals below last updated 21 Dec 2014
Cheapest with calls 11/mth equiv: Direct Save Telecom

The basic Direct Save Telecom* package is equivalent to 11/mth if you can afford to pay 132 for a year upfront. It includes weekend landline and 0845/0870 calls. (Full info)

Cheapest "stick with BT" 14.16/mth equiv: Line Rental Saver*

Provided you can afford to pay 169.90 for a year upfront, get BT's Line Rental Saver* which includes weekend calls - it's equivalent to 14.16/mth. (Full info)

Full details in the Cheap Home Phones guide.

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With 'Simply Dial' providers you pay even if they don't answer
If you just dial the access number, you're paying as soon as that's connected even if the person called is out or engaged.


You have searched for cheap calls to China Mobiles from a TalkTalk line.

TalkTalk costs 57.4p/min, the CallChecker's cheapest is 0p/min.

The country code is 00 86
Operator Mobile Provider Type/Number to Dial Rate How Well It Works or Discuss
StoryTelecom 0p/min  Simply Dial
0845 381 5190
3,817 votes
Topupnow 0.5p/min
(5p connection)
 Top-up Needed  
2,359 votes
TeleTop 0.5p/min
(5p connection)
 Top-up Needed  
2,582 votes
TopUpDiscount 0.5p/min
(5p connection)
 Top-up Needed  
950 votes
Localphone 1p/min  Account Needed  
1,972 votes
Call2Abroad 1p/min  Top-up Needed  
774 votes
Dial 123 Credit Dial 1.4p/min  Account Needed  
1,680 votes
BT Broadband Talk 1.5p/min  VOIP  
160 votes
18185 1.5p/min
(4p connection)
 Account Needed
02081 802828
6,162 votes
VoipBuster 1.6p/min  VOIP  
633 votes
Skype 1.6p/min
(6.8p connection)
181 votes
Sipgate 1.7p/min  VOIP  
572 votes
Rebtel 2.29p/min  Account Needed  
982 votes
0844calls 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 200 8585
6,723 votes
Cheap Calls 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08430 150150
5,460 votes
Dial 123 Instant Dial 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08438 360065
4,058 votes
Call2Abroad 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08430 155755
1,080 votes
Auracall 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08430 153000
1,276 votes
Dialwise 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 200 1010
1,872 votes
DiscountDial 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 200 9090
2,169 votes
Simply-Fone 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08430 154404
826 votes
Planet Talk 2.57p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08433 751020
2,801 votes
1899 3p/min
(4p connection)
 Account Needed
02081 804804
2,981 votes
call18866 3p/min
(5p connection)
 Account Needed
02081 803803
976 votes
Planet Numbers 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
08437 150000
2,015 votes
DialAround 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 861 7171
2,540 votes
AbroadPhone 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 721 9010
259 votes
Telediscount 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 861 8686
534 votes
Dialabroad 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 720 7770
767 votes
italk247 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 759 9530
352 votes
Just Dial 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 720 0990
817 votes
Ratebuster 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 720 0000
1,859 votes
Tele88 3.14p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 605 0188
1,200 votes
Bestminutes 4p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 300 7070
2,497 votes
Telesavers 4.29p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 462 5252
1,058 votes
PhoneCheap 4.29p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 462 3939
1,806 votes
Telestunt 4.29p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 462 8484
751 votes
Cheapcalling 4.29p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 462 2525
3,303 votes
Budgetcom 6p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 439 0303
3,486 votes
Pennyphone 6p/min
(15p connection)
 Simply Dial
0844 896 5896
302 votes
TalkTalk 57.4p/min
(15p connection)
295 votes

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